Infantile Fantasies

¬†Oil on Canvas. I found a postcard of a baby’s face. It really moved me. I started wondering what does a baby think, what does a baby dream. I had painted my first Sequential Surealist painting, “Crimes of Passion”. My group in Colorado Springs had…

Self Portrait

Acrylic on paper , playing around with different grids. I look a golden mean grid used by the great masters, then abstracted my face to meet the grid. You can make out the radius, triangles, lines used in the grid.


Oil on panel, 36×36

Crimes of Passion

Oil on panel, 2005 28×48 The new story about the woman who shot her husband while he slept, claiming he abused her because he wanted her to wear wigs and high heels, really stuck with me. I thought about for weeks what must go through…


Gouache, acrylic, pencil on paper.